Imperial Collage Healthcare
15 October

Pathology Call Centre Improvement project

The Pathology Call Centre operates from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday and offers a results service and will ensure all queries are directed to the appropriate Laboratory. Results can be obtained via telephone on 020 331 35353 or by fax on 020 331 35596. The Call Centre has been participating in a Lean Service Improvement project for the Last 18 months. As a result of this project the Call Centre has been consistently meeting its Key performance indicators, thus from June 1st we have launched a project to achieve new KPI’s. We will be aiming to:

Ensure that no one waits for more than 5 minutes to be answered. (Current average approximately 8 minutes)

  • Ensure that the average waiting time to answer Calls is less than 1 minute.(Current average approximately 1 minute 20 seconds)
  • Ensure that less than 5% of Calls do not get answered or abandon their calls (current average is 8%).


As part of this project we are reviewing our processes with the aim of changing how we distribute results and deal with queries around GP supplies. We are also reviewing procedures to reduce the time of each call and the number of calls we receive.

We are also aiming to improve customer experience, and welcome any feedback on the service you receive. Please send any feedback on performance or problems or suggestions for improvement to

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