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13 September

Trust pathologist conducts UK’s first obesity autopsy - watch it on iPlayer

A Trust pathologist has led the UK’s first ever televised post-mortem to understand the impact obesity has on the human body, as part of a documentary for BBC Three.

Dr Mike Osborn performed the televised autopsy on a female donor from America who weighed nearly 17 stone. He and his specialist team carried out the procedure to discover what excess fat does to the body’s vital organs; the first time in the UK a post-mortem has been carried out to demonstrate this.

‘Obesity - The Post Mortem’ was commissioned by the BBC as part of its remit to educate people through its factual programming. With almost three quarters of British adults likely to be overweight or obese in less than 20 years, it is an important area of medical research.

You can watch the programme on BBC iPlayer here:


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