Imperial Collage Healthcare
15 January

Diagnostic Cloud approved

The ICHC Trust’s Investment Committee has approved funding for a joint project with the local Clinical Commissioning Groups to establish the first steps for the development of a diagnostic cloud. This will provide the infrastructure to enable GPs to order all their pathology requests electronically and access results for their patients electronically, including, for the first time, tests ordered in secondary care by hospital based clinicians. In the future, an additional module will also make results from other North West London Pathology suppliers available for review by clinicians for their patients on the same system.

Further functionality including, rules based demand management will be made possible by the use of the diagnostic cloud. Clinicians will be alerted of results held on other systems for their patients thus reducing unnecessary testing. Additional rules can also be implemented to provide guidance on appropriate test requesting. This project provides the infrastructure for future developments, including a wider access to diagnostics including radiology requests.

Mark Busby

Imperial Pathology Business Services Manager

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