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09 December

Imperial Tumour Marker Harmonisation

Centralisation of tumour marker blood testing to produce a harmonised service at Imperial

The blood sciences department in Pathology at Imperial are currently analysing a number of tumour markers (CA199, CA125, AFP & CEA) on different platforms dependant on the site they are requested. At present, the laboratory at St Mary's Hospital is using the Siemens Immulite for CA199, CA125, AFP & CEA assays whilst all other Imperial Trust laboratories are using the Abbott Architect for CA125, AFP and CEA and the Brahms Kryptor for CA199 analysis. The Department's intention is to harmonise tumour marker analysis so a single analytical platform is used.

Due to the different platforms using different binding sites for tumour markers it is posisble that the results may not be directly comparable to the previous method. To minimise the clinical risk associated with the transition to a single platform, dual reporting will be carried out where samples for these assays will be run and reported on both the old and the new platform for a period of three months. This will allow clinicians to re-baseline these measurements for their patients.

Comments will be provided with results to clarify which method the result has been obtained from.

Dual reporting will begin from the 13th December 2016

If you have any queries about this transition please contact Richard Harvey, Consultant Clinical Scientist, 

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