Imperial Collage Healthcare
24 March

Service change - Laboratory tests for MPO, PR3 and GBM antibodies

Due to recent service disruption, the infection and immunity laboratory will move the analysis of MPO, PR3 and GBM antibodies on to the Immunocap250 autoanalyser (Thermofisher Scientific) today, 24 March 2014.

A comment will be issued on all MPO, PR3 and GBM reports stating that we are now using the Immunocap250 assay, together with a new reference interval for each result.

MPO and PR3 will continue to be tested together. GBM will only be performed on a clinical request.

Please see the notification from the clinical lead for Immunology here

Please do not hesitate to contact Angela Hall, Laboratory Manager on 020 331 10133 or if you wish to discuss this matter.

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