Imperial Collage Healthcare
16 April

Bone specific ALP assay reformulation

There has been a reformulation of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase (BALP) activity ELISA kits by the manufacturer, which affects all samples received from March 2014 onwards. The new formulation of the kits produces results approximately 50 per cent lower than the previous kits.

We have adjusted our reference ranges accordingly and performed a full analysis which will allow the current results to be compared to those measured prior to this change. Serial results will be issued with suitable comments as appropriate.

Contact details for Director for clinical advice & enquiries on use of bone markers:

Director: Dr Paul Holloway (Consultant Chemical Pathologist)

Telephone:      0203 312 6832/1268             



Laboratory contact for clinical advice & enquiries on use of bone markers:

Deputy Director: Dr Alan Courtney (Senior Clinical Scientist)

SAS Tel. / VM:           0203 311 5185/5187



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