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02 August

FIT service - information video

North West London Pathology have procured and evaluated a qFIT analyser (OC-sensor) and we are now able to offer this test. The qFIT will be available for request as a new test with the test code of FIT.

The benefits of the qFIT:

  • it detects the globin part of the haemoglobin molecule;
  • the sample is not subject to dietary or medication interference;
  • it is specific for lower GI bleeding;
  • it has a higher sensitivity and specificity for colorectal cancer than gFOB.

Studies in symptomatic patients used in NG12 show a combined sensitivity of 92.1 % (95% CI 86.9-95.3) and specificity of 85.8 % (95% CI 78.3-91.0) for colorectal cancer.

New collection devices

The new qFIT will require a new special collection bottle which can be ordered from Pathology Specimen Reception. These tubes will be essential for qFIT analysis. Old blue lidded stool samples cannot be used for qFIT but will also need to be sent if other faecal tests are requested. Information about the collection device and collecting procedure will be provided with each sample bottle to help patients collect the sample appropriately and return it to us with all the necessary information.

For more collection tubes, please contact Pathology Specimen Reception.

For more information about this test, please contact the Duty Biochemist on 020 3313 0348 or

Information resources

Click here to view the information video about FIT tests

Click here to download an information leaflet for patients about how to collect a sample 

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