Imperial Collage Healthcare
03 October

HIV reports to give greater clarification to aid clinical interpretation

The Infection & Immunity laboratory is to amend the wording of some HIV serology and HIV typing test results. This is to give clearer information about the results to aid clinical interpretation. 

  • Where there is a low level positive HIV Serology result and no clinical evidence of HIV, the following comment will be added:

"WEAKLY REACTIVE FOR HIV ANTIBODY. A further sample should be sent for confirmation.
Please note: This sample is only weakly reactive. Please interpret with caution and discuss with a Medical Virologist if required. Please send EDTA blood for HIV viral load testing if clinically indicated"

  • In addition, when a sample is found to be untypable, the following comment will be added to indicate that this may be due to levels of antibody that are too low to detect.

"Failure to obtain an HIV type in this case is likely to be due to low specific antibody titres. A further attempt at typing will be made on the confirmatory sample.”

The current reporting of most new HIV positive results and those with clear clinical indication of HIV will remain unchanged.

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