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24 May

Reach out for Healthcare Science

Reach Out is a unique programme that gives 300 GCSE students the opportunity to explore how STEM subjects can be used in healthcare.

The programme runs over three weeks across London and takes 100 students per week on a whistle-stop tour of university and hospital life.

The students receive career talks and clinical training on day 1, ready for two days of hospital taster sessions of clinical activities from life sciences and physiology through to physics, engineering and bioinformatics.
Day 4 they hear from inspirational healthcare scientists that challenge the convention that science isn’t just test tubes and hospitals aren’t just doctors and nurses and then the students design posters about their favourite healthcare science activities.
On Day 5 they have a science communication training session followed by a poster display and presentation session to their family and peers and ending in an award ceremony for the best posters.

Here are some examples of posters made during the 2015 Reach Out programme:









The event is being held again this year with input from Imperial Pathology Blood sciences, Cellular Pathology and Infection and Immunity on June 7th 2016

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