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01 December

National Pathology Week: Sickle Cell Awareness and Blood Transfusion

The National Pathology Week was held from the 2nd – 8th November 2015.
The challenge for our Trust Transfusion Team was to create awareness about Sickle Cell Anaemia and Blood Transfusion. The event was aimed at Trust staff and visitors to the Trust. Helpful resources, including posters, pens and wristbands were provided by the National Blood Service. The posters were displayed in various wards around the Trust in patient facing areas such as A&E and in the maternity units.

With the help of the Pathology Quality Team, an information stand was set up for two hours on each site - St. Mary’s Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital. We found this to be a very useful tool to draw in both Trust staff and any other passers-by. There were information leaflets available about Blood Transfusion and how to donate, as well as Sickle Cell Anaemia leaflets. Some staff from the Blood Transfusion Labs came down to join in and talk to anyone who stopped by. A quiz questionnaire, organised by the Quality Team, included some Sickle Cell Anaemia questions as well as questions relating to other departments on show that week - Histopathology, Morphology, Andrology and Virology. Any visitors to the stand had a chance to enter the quiz to win a box of chocolates – we found this worked really well and was a great way of inviting passers-by to get involved find out more about Pathology and Blood Transfusion.

The Trust Transfusion Team would thank all those involved in making the week such a success – the clinical staff for being willing to display our posters in their departments, the lab staff who got involved and the Pathology Quality team for all the effort they put into the information stand.


Report provided by Susan Gane, Transfusion practitioner

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