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Each specimen must be collected in the correct container (see Sample Tubes and Containers) and labelled with the patient’s surname, forename, date of birth, collection date/time and specimen type. You must complete the Imperial Pathology request form in full to show the patient’s full name, date of birth and NHS number. Please note, as critical results may need to be passed to the GP out-of-hours service, the patient’s address and contact details must also be included. The time and date of sampling, type of specimen and investigation(s) required (including any relevant clinical details and information related to drug therapy) must also be included as these may affect the way in which the specimen is processed and the interpretation of results. If you work in a general practice that regularly make requests to us, you will have been allocated an individual GP code which uniquely identifies the practice. Please ensure that this code, along with the practice address, is clearly shown on the request form. This will ensure that patient results are returned to the correct practice and requesting doctor. Please note, if a test request is urgent, please mark the request form as so, and provide a contact number for enquiries.To enable us to quickly direct your specimens to the appropriate laboratory, please use a separate request form and grip seal specimen bag for:
  • Blood Sciences (biochemistry/haematology)
  • Serology/Immunology
  • Microbiology test requests

Electronic requesting & Diagnostic Cloud

Electronic requesting vastly reduces the number of errors in patient identification and subsequent matching when results are received.

Imperial Pathology and the Local CCGs have been working together to ensure that GPs have access to the latest order communications solution. We have now rolled out Sunquest ICE to all the practices that send the majority of their work to Imperial.

The advantages of this system are:
• It allows rapid complication of Pathology orders through automatically transferring patient details from the GP system.
• It ensures results are returned to the right GP electronically.
• It reduces data entry errors
• It makes the results of all tests available, even when ordered by Imperial physicians.
• Through OpenNet it gives access to Pathology results from any Pathology  provider in North West London.
• It allows rules based demand management based on the complete Pathology record reducing the requirement for patients to have repeat blood tests.

If you would like further information, please contact either your CCG IT lead, GP system supplier, or the Pathology IT department by emailing

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